About me


I was born at an early age. Never wanted to spend a day in an office, so I went surfing and wandering.

I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years.

Travelling really makes you aware of how the large proportion of the rest of the world live. Mostly they exist on a knife edge of survival for food, shelter and money. One large difference in people is how they individually chose to deal with the life they have been dealt.

It is one of the most powerful things I have learnt in life is that I get to chose my path and for the most part everything that happens to me both in play and work and love are all my choice or the result of a choice I made (meteorite strikes etc are of course not my fault, although there was one that I had some small part in, ask me about it).  Once you realize everything from your health to your happiness is in your hands . Who we are now, who we dream to be is for us to decide. Life is strange and sometimes its hard to understand how we got were we are now, accept it was your dream and aspirations that got you here and if your not happy do something about it right now !

Matt Lambert

(I have heard so many people say I would, but.. I have no money, I have obligations, my cat will hate me etc, don’t let buts get in the way of your dreams, recognize buts are supposed to be behind you not in front..) 


Photographs are all for sale! let me know if you see one you think will inspire you to live your dream.
I print on Archival paper using the latest print inks and dyes. Black & white fine art prints are made using cone Piezography inks and use carbon in suspension so will last forever in human terms. Prints can be shipped worldwide.

Watch this space for news on events, slideshows, gallery shows.

Please send a comment from any page to contact me.



If the worst happens oh well … “”Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”   ‘da-dum, da-da da-da da-dum’ Thanks Eric !



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