Jan 27th 2011

We moved house! we are in Palintina in Gujarat a 12 hr bus drive from Udaipur…
You get your moneys worth on the bus 257 Rps for a 12hr bus ride! ($5.60).
Lots of friendly passengers and one poisonous snake, in a cage!
Very flat landscape with green fields. Our Jain bus pilgrim friends were all excited about visiting the 183 Jain temples tomorrow, only have to climb 600m and 3,200 stairs to get there, need to start at sunrise or before…! . Jains don’t eat meat or even vegies grown underground just in case a worm might get harmed when its pulled up. Local food is very simple and only the butterscotch ice cream stopped me from starving to death. later we hope to hit the Alang ship yards, largest breakers yard in this solar system, anyone need a cheap port hole or two?



One thought on “Jan 27th 2011

  1. Hi Matt and Mary:

    Did you get any good pictures of the surrounding? Castles and fortresses… Did you make it up those 3200 stairs.

    I like their travel rates.

    I guess you are not into leafy green fruits, vegetables and pizzas? …so Butterscotch will have to do.

    That breaker yard sounds like a fascinating place.

    Keep us posted on your further travels.


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