Jan 24th 2011

Udaipur is hard to leave, its like venice with cows. Lovely sunsets every night with the palace reflecting in the lake. Yummy Blueberry chocolate cake for 60Rps ($1.30).
Nice day trips to Ranikupur Jain Temple through the country side passing farms using water buffalo to turn the water wheel to draw water for irrigation. Forts are every where in India and Kambergah near Udaipur is far from any city a quite and tourist free window on another time, huge walls and long ramparts rise above the rocky hills, inside the grounds are littered with small temples with intricate carvings. Every night fireworks spring into the sky from random locations, last night the booms were so huge and loud we seriously wondered if a weapons plant was exploding! Today we well have late breakfast as per norm, wander through the town and book a bus to the southern state of Gujuarat. Then we will be ready for cake and coffee while we watch the locals and they in turn watch us. Our plan is to follow the coast south past temples and the worlds largest ship braking yard! then on via steam train to see the only wild lions outside of Africa. (Gir National Park) from there we have spotted a marine park that gets zero tourists(wonder why?) supposedly it has 170km of coral fringe islands, sounds nice! hope to sail from there to Mandvi and see wooden boats are being built.(Large Dhows mostly). All this requires my tenants actually pay there bloody rent!!! so Jim, John if your reading this get of your backside and pay the man! Dont make me come over there! Matt out.


3 thoughts on “Jan 24th 2011

  1. Hi Guys:

    It sounds like you are having a good time and it is obvious that its not too hot there now.

    Where are some photos 😉 If you do post any, remember no spaces in the names.

    Where are you going to be next?


  2. Jim L. of course its not you that owes rent 😉 but my lousy tenant Jim B.
    we are still in Udaipur but planning to leave in next few days..

  3. Howdy ya’ll!

    Wow, all sounds pretty fantastic. How do we know you aren’t living in an apartment in Sooke and making this all up? We hope to be back there in March for a quick visit. Looking forward to doing a tiny bit of what you guys are doing once we get out from under the biz.

    Much love


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