Jan 8th 2011

Now in possession of internet via cellphone USB dongle on Laptop so we will almost always have the web available!

Sun jan 8th- 2011
Finally left Bundi via 9.30am train that failed to actually leave until 11.30am, had chi and cookies for lunch. Lovely train journey through lush green fields, palm trees and river crossings, some desert!
Arrived at Chittugar 4.30pm. Tuktuk tour of town looking for dive to call home (Amber Hotel), finally had lunch as the sun set over Chittor Fort. Found rum and raisin chocolate bar and watched double jeopardy on Tv! heading up to the largest Fort in Rajasthan 9.30am!
Matt 12.20am Jan 9th.

Mon Jan 10th- arrived in Udaipur, staying at Dream Heaven. awesome view of the lake, its a fairy tale setting and quite and clean, almost European ! James Bond hangs out here, not sightings yet.


2 thoughts on “Jan 8th 2011

  1. Hi Matt and Mary:

    Now you guys are back in India again. Which fort is that as my map shows a number of large forts/palaces in the region?

    Hope everything else is going well.


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