Afraid to fart – no photos by request.

Yep its true I’m sick with some sort of bug, God knows what!   Don’t get me wrong, I am loving India and especially the people who have redefined  the word friendly, however it must be told that almost every city, town, village so far has open sewers on every street.  Streams and rivers look more like the local garbage dump, its a good thing the blog does not support smells of India. The trains also join in spreading everything along the tracks and I it appears to me  the toilets get busier in the stations and thus the stations kinda stink especially in the heat of India. We read a great article on the subject in the Hindu Times, calling on Indians to demand change. Tourists to India that fail to mention  the pollution and health hazards both in the cities and the country side are clearly seeing the world with rose tinted glasses. I was sure careful but was outwitted by a simple bug.

So back to me, with the fan on the ceiling constantly whirring and a high temperature both in my head and the room, it seems like I am spinning and the fan is still, constant treks to the toilet bring little relief and although starving, I fear eating as the after effects after 4-5 days are taking their toll. All the while the Hotel had decided to undertake a new installation of air ducts which involved loud banging to form the metal ducting for most of the day, there was no peace  when the banging stopped as the family next door would seize the opportunity to scream something at each other probably just as well I speak no Hindu.
My one attempt to walk the hallways ended with an innocent fart, yes fear of farting is real…

Today I started a course of locally purchased Antibiotics no prescription needed, they were cheap but when we asked about the strength compared to the ones recommended in the Lonely Planet book the Pharmacist just said much stronger…

The sunrises and I am alive!  The day started with a musical call to prayers from the nearby Mosque (maybe they had heard of my problem),  the meds were clearing out the last of the bugs.  Never take the normal travel meds (Lopermide) for diarrhea  especially if you have a temperature and diarrhea, they just stop you up and the bad bugs cannot get out of your body.

Food was beginning to look possible and  the pitying stares of encouragement from the Hotel staff kinda helped,  toast and jam yummy!  24hrs on the anti-bacteria stuff and  I think I can fart again!  Mary is thrilled and wants reports of every movement. Tomorrow we will risk an outing, no no not that kind, a trip to the Ellora caves!


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