Mumbai at Last!

Cricket in the park
Hot, wow, shock wave from culture and heat… Taxi from the airport was a stunning intro to a world divided by extreme poverty and  elite wealth. Staying in the old Fort district full of colonial architecture, street vendors and a maze of side streets with everything from canon camera gear to hand carved doors. Our first breakfast was interrupted by  a sudden wave of white smoke that filled the cafe to the point where mary on the other side of the table disappeared and we all had to run out with our mouths covered, a young dude was happily (without a mask) doing the regular biweekly mozzy spray of the streets and cafes, lucky us…

Spent a lazy evening in the park watching real India, cricket being played by Indians from all walks of life young and old. Chaotic commuter traffic in the dark became the next focus of our wanderings and our cameras. Spent over an hour buying a ticket for the train south, just as we got to the counter the guy went for lunch. Welcome to India kids! 

P.S.  Our "Spot" GPS unit that tracks us anywhere in the world does not work in Southern India, hopefully as we go north it will find its way, and then we will add the map to our blog. –

Even our names are listed on the carriage seat allocation.


8 thoughts on “Mumbai at Last!

  1. wonderful to hear from you a little confusing is it mattand marysadventures or maryandmattsadventures i figured they both work too bad there is the word sad in the addresses..hope they are happy adventures keep it coming and i shall watch the bollywood station to see if i see matt playing cricket!!!! namaste xoxoxoxomargriet Whiffin and Spittin surrounded by daffodils….xoxoxox

  2. Hi you two, good to see you both started so well, with elephants. Please can you smuggle one or two back with you. I would feed it in the woods and lk after it. Promise. Plus you can make a lot of po paper and they just love working in mud…

  3. Great to hear from you, I shall enjoy reading your adventures have great time and keep writing! Take care both of you. Have Fun!…..

  4. your travel’s photo’s and report most interesting.
    I Marie was one of the aussies that was with Matt that evening at the fort in Bundi.
    Thanks to Matt I have wonderful photo’s of the sunset
    Rather sad that you were so sick with a viral infection from a mosquito

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